Children’s Classics Collection 3 – Roy


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Author: Kristina Roy
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: Bible Truth Publishers
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A three-volume set of charming stories set in the mountains of Eastern Europe and showing the glory of the grace and love of God. Includes “Sunshine Country”, “The Three Comrades” and “Martinko”.

Sunshine Country: Palko, in the care of strangers, and not knowing a thing about his real parents, finds peace and security in the Lord Jesus. In his Czechoslovakian “sunshine valley” on earth, he has the joy of pointing Father Malina to the “sunshine country” above. This heart-touching story has been Roy’s most popular for almost a century, because of it’s sweet and simple presentation of the gospel.

The Three Comrades: A charming story set in Eastern Europe and filled with lessons to encourage each of us in our service for our Lord and Saviour. Palko and Ondrejko learn what service to the Lord is as they serve their neighbors.

Martinko: Martinko was a little Slovak boy from the era before World War 1 when Slovakia was still a part of Hungary. How Martinko learned about the love of the Lord Jesus makes a delightful story.


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