Children’s Classics Collection 5 – Walton


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Author: Mrs. O. F. Walton
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: Bible Truth Publishers
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This set of six well-written books, contain stories which have charmed and edified readers for over century. Includes “The King’s Cupbearer”, “A Peep Behind the Scenes”, “Saved at Sea”,  “Elisha God’s Messenger of Grace”,  “Christie’s Old Organ”, and “Tug of War”.

The King’s Cupbearer: This excellent book, by Mrs. Walton, give much historical and geographical information which enhances the story of Nehemiah and his building of the wall of Jerusalem.

A Peep Behind the Scenes: The story of a little girl raised in a traveling caravan and how she found the joy and peace in Christ that cannot be found in the world and its amusements.

Saved at Sea: Life in a lighthouse, a wreck on a stormy night, the discovery of little Timpey and many other adventures are interwoven with the gospel of God’s saving grace. Walton’s most popular book. A Christian fiction classic.

Elisha: God’s Messenger of Grace: Walk down the dusty roads of Israel with Elisha and see the land and the people as he saw them. Learn how God used him to show grace to the wayward people He loved.

Christie’s Old Organ: Christie has no family. He’s a street kid surviving on his own. No one takes any interest in him except Treffy the old organ grinder. Treffy is a kind old man but he is very ill. Together Christie and Treffy look after each other. Christie gets enough money for their food and lodgings by playing Treffy’s old barrel organ for anybody who will listen. Treffy gives Christie a roof over his head but it’s not a home. And the one thing Christie wants most in the world is a home of his own. One day a little girl hears Christie’s Old Organ playing just outside her window. She runs out to see the little organ boy and soon becomes Christie’s friend. Mabel tells Christie about another home you can go to if you love the Lord Jesus. Will Christie find this home? Will he ever have a family of his very own? Let O. F. Walton tell you Chrstie’s story and enjoy a book from yesterday that still touches hearts today.

Tug of War: In this sequel to Christie’s Old Organ, the young artist, Jack Villiers, goes to the fishing village of Runswick Bay to get away from the pressures of the city and to paint. At Runswick Bay he finds that the simple faith of the fishermen causes him to consider his own life and ambitions. Through sports, storms and dreams he is made to realize that a tremendous conflict is taking place for the control of his own soul and life. Through Christie, the young preacher of Christie’s Old Organ, he finds peace and the purpose to life.


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