Children’s Classics Collection 7 – Tuininga


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Author: Margaret Jean Tuininga
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The complete collection of the beloved books of authoress Margaret Jean Tuininga. The set includes: “The Doll That Grew”, “Face to Face With Lions”, “Lost in the Woods”, “The Leopard Man”, “On the Alaskan Trail”, “Pieta and Her Pink Pig” and “Treasure in the Big Woods”. Seven volumes set.

The Doll That Grew: Enjoy the collection of stories that teach simple Christian truths to children. Each illustrated story has a lesson to teach as it entertains. A delightful book for young children.

Face to Face With Lions: 23 true short stories including adventure, suspense, and clear, simple and solid spiritual lessons — illustrating the gospel and practical Christianity in an attractive way. 23 illustrations

Lost in the Woods: A choice collection of 23 true short stories presenting the gospel and many practical lessons in a very attractive way. 23 illustrations.

The Leopard Man: This collection of exciting missionary stories will hold your attention as it teaches you important lessons. God’s ways with people of other lands have much to teach to all of us. This series of stories from Africa, India, Mexico, and many other countries is will worth reading and is profitable.

On the Alaskan Trail: These nine exciting stories of missionary activity in various parts of the world will entertain as they teach valuable lessons. Learn about other people and other cultures as you learn about the Lord’s love and care.

Pieta and Her Pink Pig: Pieta, a slave girl, had only one possession — -a little pink pig. When she decided to give her pig to the Lord, it ended up costing her much more than she realized. This story and eleven others make up a book of tales of children of many lands and how the Lord saved them and used them to minister to others.

Treasure in the Big Woods: Peggy and her two older sisters find treasure while homsteading in the northern woods of Minnesota. Join them in their eventful lives and discover the treasure with them.




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