Christ and the Future


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Author: Tatford, Dr. F.A.
ISBN-13: 9780948417092
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Christ and the Future
By: Dr. F.A. Tatford

Christ and the Future, written from the maturity of Tatford’s experience, consists not only of the exposition of relevant portions of Scripture concerning the King and His Kingdom, but the concluding section deals with bereavement and being “called home”. Remarkably, the typesetting for the present work was checked by the author less than a month before his own “home-call”.

The book is in three parts:

The Sermon on the Mount
The Olivet Discourse
Shadow And Sunshine

Dr. Frederick A. Tatford, 1910-1986, is highly respected for his writings on prophetical and Biblical subjects.  As well as being the author of at least sixty books he has preached in more than forty countries: he has also been President, Vice-president, etc. of several organizations.

ISBN-13: 9780948417092
ISBN: 0948417099
Size: 5.5″ X 8.5″
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 176
Publisher: Gospel Tract Publications
Author: Tatford, Dr. F.A.


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