Christ Loved The Church: An Outline of New Testament Church Principles


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SKU: 9781897117606
Author: MacDonald, William
ISBN-13: 9781897117606
Pages: 108
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: Gospel Folio Press (reprint 2008)
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What should the church be like? Is there an obvious, consistent picture of the church in the Bible? Was that kind of congregation intended as the pattern for generations of Christians following? Can it be lived two thousand years later? The author answers, “yes, yes, yes, yes.” This is not a theoretical book. Bill MacDonald has witnessed others carrying out the New Testament pattern for church life in countries around the world. He has practiced and promoted these same principles, and happily, he knows how to communicate on paper.

Bill MacDonald shows how the Bible itself clears away the rubble of human tradition, and religious ritual. The Bible itself presents a clear mandate for assembly life where the true authority of the Head at God’s right hand is known, loved and served. When you discover the Head of the Church in this way, you will also love His people. Do you love the body of Christ? You can. You should.

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