Christians An Illustrated History

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Author: Dowley, Tim
ISBN-13: 978082546266
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The Christians: An Illustrated History
By: Tim Dowley

The Christians: An Illustrated History is an extravagantly illustrated survey of the development of Christianity from the time of Jesus to the present day. Writing in an accessible, topical style, Tim Dowley covers subjects that continue to influence the church and society today.

Dowley also surveys key figures such as Paul, Justin Martyr, Augustine, Innocent III, Abelard, Francis of Assisi, Luther, Moody, Barth, C. S. Lewis, and others. The book is international in scope and is illustrated throughout with four-color art, photographs, maps, charts, and sidebar material.

ISBN-13: 9780825462566
ISBN-10: 0825462568
Binding: Hardcover
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Pages: 176
Publisher: Lion Books (2008)
Author: Dowley, Tim