Christians Pocket Guide to the Japanese


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Author: OMF
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A Christian’s Pocket Guide to the Japanese

What should Christian’s know about the Japanese? That question is answered by this book.

A Christian’s Pocket Guide to the Japanese firstly looks at the history, culture and religions common in Japan – and their attitude to Christianity. Secondly, it gives guidance on how to befriend Japanese people (including a life-saving ÔDo’s’ and ÔDon’ts’ section) and thirdly how best to talk to them about Christianity itself.

Japanese culture has been slowly seeping into American culture for decades, and now has become a force with staying power. But there are differences between the way we think, act and worship and how Japanese nationals do the same. Why do some things from Japan seem too strange to understand while others are cute and cuddly? Finding the reasons behind why others think the way that they think can be pivotal in understanding where their heart is.

This fascinating book provides Christians with a simple description of the basics of Japanese culture, what Japanese people typically believe and how it affects their attitudes, worldview, everyday life and culture. Practical guidelines are given for relating to Japanese people in a culturally appropriate way, as well as for witnessing and caring for converts. If you long to reach Japanese friends but are wondering where to start then this might just be the book for you.

OMF (Overseas Missionary Fellowship) are specialists in Christian interaction with people from Asia.

ISBN-13: 9781845503161
ISBN: 1845503163
Category: Reference
Publisher: Christian Focus (2008)
Binding: paperback
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Pages: 80
Author: OMF


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