Church in the Pastoral Epistles, The


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Author: Wilson, T Ernest
ISBN-13: 9780946351183
Pages: 36
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: John Ritchie
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This book presents the pastoral epistles’ teachings on the topic of the Church. The papers first appeared in Precious Seed magazine whose committee has kindly given permission that they should appear in this new form.  Ernest Wilson needs no introduction to the assemblies of the Lord’s people. He is well known on every continent. Few men have traveled as widely among missionaries promoting the truth of God. It is our hope to advance the teaching of the New Testament church by commending these worthy papers to the attention of the Lord’s people. 

Topics include: 

*The house of God
*The church of the Living God
*Church government
*Collective and individual prayer
*The ministry of women
*Assembly finances
*Gift development and exercise