CLC Bible Companion (DVD Study Presentations)


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Author: Mesner, Martin
ISBN-13: 9781936143252
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CLC Bible Companion: DVD Study Presentation
Edited by: Martin Manser

PowerPoint Study Presentations: The material in the CLC Bible Companion is organized in such a way that it can easily be used for teaching and preaching. To facilitate this, a DVD is available with presentations of all 300+ studies, either as fixed PowerPoint presentations, or with the flexibility to design your own slides from the material available.

The CLC Bible Companion is a comprehensive resource for those who want to study the Bible and for those who seek to teach others. It for those who wish to deepen their Christian faith and for those who wish to help others to do the same.

The book is presented throughout in brief sections that enable it to be easily adapted for passing on to others. This DVD gives tools to those wishing to teach the wealth of material by providing electronic presentations of each section plus additional text to create specific and unique studies.

The website provides the slides of all the studies. This material is free to download and use.

On this DVD:
300+ Powerpoint Presentations
Additional Material from the book in Word-format
Knowing Jesus: who was the man called Jesus? How does He impact my life today?
The Bible Book by Book: an overview of each book of the Bible, summarizing key themes, teaching and background.
Bible Teaching: the essential Bible truths on ten key doctrines including God, Jesus Christ and the Church.
Discovering God’s Way: practical advice and Bible studies for people wishing to follow Jesus.
Living the Christian Life: how to work out and apply the message of the Bible.
Resources for the Journey: additional aids, as a dictionary of people and places and a guide to key passages.

ISBN-13: 9781936143252
ISBN: 1936143259
Format: DVD Study Presentation
Vendor: CLC Publications (2011)
Editor: Manser, Martin


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