The Collected Writings of Harold St. John: Volume One


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Author: St. John, Harold
ISBN-13: 9780948477889
Pages: 488
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: Gospel Tract Publication (2012)
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Early in his married life Harold St. John resigned his secular employment in the Bank to go out as a missionary and the remainder of his life was spent in full-time service for the Lord.

He has been described as a scholar and a saint as well as a Bible teacher of no ordinary merit. The beauty of his teaching was increased by his wide Bible knowledge and rich illustrations which indicated hes acute observation and good memory.

Yet he left little written ministry. In the U.K. we only had his Analytical Study of Mark’s Gospel and a small volume, Behold My Glory, a short devotional book on John’s Gospel. In The Collected Writings there is now a wealth of material brought together from various sources and available for the enjoyment and profit of a new generation.

Volume One covers:

The Joys of Bible Study
The Four Major Prophets
The Mother of our Lord


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