Collective Writings and Sermons of Henry Moorhouse


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Author: Moorhouse, Henry
ISBN-13: 9781926765273
Pages: 106
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: Gospel Folio Press (Dec 2010)
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Henry Moorhouse: The English Evangelist

“Moorhouse, in his use of the Bible, was ‘a man apart’ in the sphere of evangelism. Like others of his day, he rose from the ranks of the poor, and broke from associations with drunkards and music-hall frequenters-and the ‘sing-song’ of the mid-Victorian day was debased indeed. From such a quagmire of sin and folly he emerged, riveting the interest of great audiences, and creating not merely a strong affection for himself-which he counted as nothing-but a sense of joy and delight in Redemption’s plan, and in the lovely pages of prophet and apostle, wherein, by the inspiration of the Spirit, that plan is set forth. In two continents the name of Moorhouse came to be sufficient, among many people, to arouse deep interest and profound attention.”

“Of education, he had little or none; yet he was familiar with the ways of men, and developed a wonderful gift for winning the ear of the multitude. His personal appearance was by no means calculated to impress, so frail was he, so boyish in simplicity; but when once his tongue was unloosed, and the stores of his warm heart and alert mind were brought forth, men were fascinated by his glowing words, being, moreover, the more surprised that so much skill and so much fervour lay hidden beneath so ordinary an exterior; wherefore, as he expounded Scripture, still the wonder grew that one small head could carry all he knew.” ~Excerpt from Henry Moorhouse: The English Evangelist