Colossians The Majesty of Christ


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Author: Norman Mellish
Pages: 137
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: Decapolis Press (PS)
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The book of Colossians is the companion Epistle to the Ephesians and it follows the same truths. The letter was written to strengthen the saints against false teaching and to maintain their testimony for the Lord. Christ is the answer to all false doctrine and in this Epistle the apostle confirms that the believer has all in God’s beloved Son.

This letter is of great value to us today as it extols the glories and supremacy of the Lord Jesus, something that every child of God should appreciate.

Norman Mellish trusted the Lord Jesus as his Saviour at the age of fifteen. As a young man, the Lord exercised him to preach the gospel. As a result he started gospel tent meetings in the city of Manchester, UK, at the age of twenty-eight. After five years of tent work in the city, the Lord led him into full time ministry. In 1968 he was commended by the Wythenshaw assembly. He has been to the British Isles, North America, Brazil, Australia, and to various parts of Europe to preach the gospel and minister the truth of God to those who love God’s name.


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