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Author: Price, Randall
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The Coming Last Days Temple
By: Randall Price

Jerusalem’s last temple was destroyed by Rome in A.D. 70, and the Muslim Dome of the Rock currently sits on the Temple Mount. With the Israeli-Arab conflict raging and the Temple Mount at the center of controversy, what will the future bring?

The Bible is surprisingly rich with answers – with prophecies about the future Temple found in both the Old and New Testaments. Some claim these prophecies are merely symbolic, but are they? Does the Bible give evidence that we can expect a literal Temple and even a restored sacrificial system? What about he magnificent Temple prophesied by Ezekiel?

Right now in Israel, plans are well underway to construct a new Temple. From drawing up the blueprints to detailing the furnishings to preparing for the new priesthood, much is being done for what could be the most significant building of our time. In The Coming Last Days Temple, Dr. Randall Price surveys the latest developments and offers a fascinating perspective on how they fit with Bible prophecies about the temple.

ISBN-13: 9781565079014
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Author: Price, Randall