Cuckoos in the Nest… Apostacy in the Church! Jude Made Simple


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SKU: 9781872734439
Author: Sam Gordon
Pages: 145
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: Christian Year Publications
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Sam Gordon is well known as an able Bible expositor and this commentary on The Epistle of Jude is no exception. With skill and care, he takes us on a journey through the twenty-five short verses of this powerful letter.

He highlights the truth twisters that Jude faced, many of whose descendants we face today.

He counsels us how to keep our distance from grumblers, boasters and church splitters.

Throughout this relevant study, Sam helps us retain our focus while we learn to keep company with God and godly people.

The author is fervent in his defence of the true faith and faithful to the text of the Word of God. John Blanchard has this to say of Sam’s book on ‘The Epistle of Jude’: “…I warmly commend it”


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