Our Daily Bread Devotional Collection (Spring Green Edition)


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SKU: 9781627075220
Author: Various
ISBN-13: 9781627075220
Pages: 384
Binding: Leather-like
Publisher: Our Daily Bread Ministries (2017)
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God has a purpose and a plan for your life, but sometimes the weight of our daily stresses and busy schedules bring us down. It’s good to take a few moments and reset our minds with the truth of God’s Word—and a great way to do that is with the 2018 Our Daily Bread Devotional Collection. This collection of 366 daily meditations gives you the Lord’s encouragement for an entire year.

Each devotional was written about a true, inspirational story from the lives of your fellow believers, and then combined with an encouraging quote and a Scripture reference. Individual devotions are designed to be memorable, easily carried with you for the rest of your day. Jumpstart your heart with God’s Word each day and allow His Spirit to work in you by spending time with him through these devotionals.


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