Day by Day: In Prayer


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Author: Steeds, Ivan (editor)
ISBN-13: 9781871642117
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Day by Day: In Prayer
Edited by: Ivan Steeds

365 daily meditations on the things that matter most for eternity.

This volume explores the subject of prayer and the prayers of the Bible. The daily readings in this book focus on the prayers that God has seen fit to record for us, on incidents where prayer was involved, and on various references to prayer. The believer who takes time daily to read and meditate upon these portions will find enormous help from them, and gain a greater understanding of prayer.

Located in the United Kingdom, Precious Seed Publications prints and distributes books that encourage the study of Scripture, New Testament church practices, and interest in gospel work. The Day by Day Collection provides daily devotional readings about the Bible and Christian living. Dig deep into the Scriptures and be encouraged in your faith by entries from more than thirty contributing scholars from all over the world. This collection of devotionals is a great reference tool for personal Bible study, Sunday school lessons, sermon ideas, and small group study.

Day by Day: Through the New Testament
 Day by Day: In Prayer
 Day by Day: Moments with the Master
 Day by Day: Christ Foreshadowed
 Day by Day: Bible Promises
 Day by Day: Divine Titles
 Day by Day: Bible Commands
 Day by Day: With Bible Characters
 Day by Day: Paradise to the Promised Land
 Day by Day: Pictures and Parables
 Day by Day: Bible Questions
 Day by Day: Living in the Promised Land

ISBN-13: 9781871642117
ISBN: 1871642116
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Publisher: Precious Seed Publications (1997)
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Editor: Steeds, Ivan