Day by Day Through the Bible


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Author: Various Contributors
Pages: 381
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: Precious Seed Publications
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There is no better activity for the Christian than to prayerfully meditate on the Bible, the living word of God. The Gospels demonstrate clearly that the mind of the Lord Jesus was saturated with scripture, and that it was His comfort and encouragement at every stage of His pathway on earth. He has left us a perfect example. Christians through the centuries have recognized the special benefit of reading right through the Bible in one year. This book is designed to support that most desirable goal, by providing three passages for each day, with an associated meditation. The contributors are united in their commitment to the Bible as the infallible word of God. Here is a book which will encourage and assist both private and family devotions. You will be stimulated and edified as you read through scripture from Genesis to the Revelation, with the help of this publication.


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