Discover Britain Outstanding Orkney


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Author: Robert Plant
Pages: 104
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: John Ritchie Publishing
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Outstanding Orkney takes you back in time to encounter Viking invaders as well as stories of the sea and shipwrecks. Gaze out in wonder across Scapa Flow, a massive Royal Navy anchorage during two world wars and imagine watching hundreds of ships coming and going. Try to visualize the sight of over fifty German ships sinking in one day! Join with the islanders in playing ‘Ba’ or try to imagine what it would be like as a prisoner of war thousands of miles away from home, but able to build something absolutely unique and special. As you read about these and many other stories, we hope that you will discover, not only something about Orkney as an outstanding place to visit, but what many of these stories can tell us about the God of the Bible who desires all people to be saved from their sin and made ready for Heaven.

A must read for children aged 9-14 providing them with a clear gospel message along with many educational facts about the Orkney Isles.


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