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Author: Gianotti, Chuck
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Elders’ ShopNotes Volume 2: Leadership Qualities
By: Chuck Gianotti


Leadership is a needed, but scarce commodity among God’s people! There is no lack of men who want the position, privileges and perks of leadership, but there is a dearth of people who actually lead and do it well. Ironically, books on leadership have flooded the Christian marketplace, drawing on both biblical teaching and business/political sources. It seem that anyone who has a church that has grown in any measure feels qualified to write on “successful ministry”.

Much of what is written, though, addresses organizational leadership, rather than spiritual leadership. Certainly, elders (the intended audience of this book) need to learn and use good management skills. The household of God, however, and more importantly, is an “organism”. True shepherd leadership has to do with people’s souls. The organization of events and ministries is secondary, merely the “tools” for facilitating genuine ministry. Not meant to be exhaustive in covering everything on the subject of leadership qualities, we have sought here to address some of the issues uncovered in our travels among God’s people and elders in various places.

Elders’ ShopNotes is a bi-monthly ministry letter written in both English and Spanish and is distributed upon request to close to 1,000 subscribers in North and South America as well as some places in Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, and other locations. Each issue contains three to four articles aimed at the needs of elders. They are not designed to solve problems or settle doctrinal issues. Rather, ESN is designed to strengthen and equip elders so they can do the work of solving problems and of settling doctrinal issues. The name “ShopNotes” has the connotation of helping a carpenter learn to use his tools well and effectively. So, ESN is designed, so to speak, to help elders use the biblical “tools” of eldering well and effectively. For example, how does one conduct a funeral, visit a sick person, resolve conflict among elders, manage one’s time to ensure continued growth as a believer and spiritual leader? These articles provide:

 1) “bite-size” ministry, readily digestible for the average working elder whose time is at a premium
2) foundational teaching on biblical eldership
3) helpful how-to’s that are practical for shepherding the congregation
4) basic biblical leadership principles

Elders’ ShopNote Volumes:
Volume 1: Biblical Foundations
Volume 2: Leadership Qualities
Volume 3: Leadership Principles
Volume 4: Practical Ministry
Volume 5: Encouragement for Leaders’ Wives

ISBN-13: 9780888737267
Binding: Paperback
Book Size: 5.5×8.5×0.25 inches
Category: Discipleship
Page Count: 162
Publisher: Everyday Publications Inc.
Author: Gianotti, Chuck


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