F. W. Grant: His Life, Ministry and Legacy


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Author: John Reid
Pages: 118
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: ECS Ministries
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Mr. Frederick W. Grant was an exceptional Bible teacher, in later years identified with a group of exclusive brethren which became known as the Grant fellowship. In his written works he emphasized the two majestic revelations of God: Nature and Scripture, using the latter to confirm the validity of the former.

Mr. Grant steadfastly believed in the verbal inspiration of the Bible, even the numbers of Scripture. By meticulous analysis he generated a system of interpretation which perceives the inner meaning of numerals. For example, one speaks of unity, two of division. Three suggests the three dimensions of space, and so reminds us of the Trinity of God. Many scholars agree that seven represents completeness, and forty,trial. Mr. Grant carried this principle further than most, with insightful results. His method is not at all to be confused with the now discredited system of Numerics advanced by Ivan Panim. This author employed the numerical value of Greek and Hebrew letters (A=1, B=2 etc.) to verify the authenticity of Bible manuscripts.

Mr. Grant’s magnum opus is the Numerical Bible,a valuable commentary, based partially on his unique pattern of exegesis. Far beyond that, his comments and explanations are esteemed by numerous competent authors today. Each volume contains Mr. Grant’s own translation of the Bible text. There are three large volumes of the New Testament, and three more on the historical portion of the Old. His book on the Psalms is outstanding, but the rest of the poetical and prophetical division was never completed. He was partly through another volume on Ezekiel when the Lord called him home. This was completed by his colleague, Mr. John Bloore, and published by Loizeaux Brothers, as were the other seven volumes.


Chapter 1 – The History of the Brethren Movement
Chapter 2 – Grant’s Early Life and Position Among the Brethren
Chapter 3 – The Numerical Structure of Scripture and the Numerical Bible
Chapter 4 – Darby and Grant on the Sealing of the Spirit
Chapter 5 – Facts and Theories as to a Future State
Chapter 6 – F. W. Grant on Dispensational Truth
Chapter 7 – Darby and Grant on the Gospel and Man’s Free Will
Chapter 8 – Prophecy: Darby and Grant on the Book of Revelation
Chapter 9 – F. W. Grant and the Subject of the Church
Chapter 10 – Grant and the Teaching of F. E. Raven
Chapter 11 – Grant on Baptism and Elders in the Church Today
Chapter 12 – Grant and the Open Brethren with An Attempt at Reconciliation
Chapter 13 – F. W. Grant—His Other Writings and His Last Days Here
Chapter 14 – The End of the Grant Party