Father of Faith Missions: The Life and Times of Anthony Norris Groves


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Author: Robert Bernard Dann
ISBN-13: 9781884543906
Pages: 606
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: Paternoster
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Modest and unobtrusive, Anthony Norris Groves did not consider himself a gifted evangelist. His name is not usually mentioned alongside William Carey and Hudson Taylor, but Groves had a pioneering influence that went beyond his personal reach. He and his family followed God’s call to Baghdad and India, leaving their comfortable English lives behind. Though he doubted his success as a missionary, Groves’ character and ideas shaped the people who followed him as he followed Christ.

Exhaustively researched, Father of Faith Missions is not merely about the life of one missionary but also a record of Groves influence on missionary initiatives and the Brethren movement. Drawing upon Groves own journals and letters in addition to copious scholarship, this book is both a journey into history and a reminder that God’s faithfulness is as true now as it was then.


“A first-rate, in-depth biography of Anthony Norris Groves. This captivating, brutally realistic biography will stir the whole range of your emotions and thinking. As he did for people in his own time, Groves’ life and thinking will cause you to open your Bible afresh and rethink Christian devotedness, church unity and polity, the call to world evangelism, and personal faith in God.” -Alexander Strauch, Author, Pastor and teacher, Littleton Bible Chapel

“The moving and sacrificial story of Norris Groves needs to be read by a wide audience. he has influenced many key movers in mission, and today his principles of faith living and service still work from China to Africa!” -Ian Burness, Editor, Echoes of Service

“Dann’s biography is a stunning achievement. It is one of the most powerful missionary biographies that I have read-capturing as it does the extraordinary faith of Groves and his wife, as well as the grim reality of pioneer missionary work in the 1830s.” -David J. MacLeod, Chairman, Division of Biblical Studies, Emmaus Bible College