First Christmas Tree


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Author: Haidle, Helen & David
ISBN-13: 9781593174347
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The First Christmas Tree
By: Helen & David Haidle

A great gift for ages 4-8!

Share this heartwarming old legend from Sicily with your kids this Christmas. The forest was scurrying, all the animals and trees were looking for the very best gifts to bring to the newborn baby, the King’s Son. The Littlest Fir tree has nothing to bring, his branches are bare of apples or fruits. The other trees laugh at him and tell him not to bother, but the fir still tries to go anyways. Along the way, he helps other creatures and his kindness is later rewarded by an angel.

Helen Haidle is the award-winning author of 43 books with major Christian publishers, with sales of over 1.7 million. David, an award-winning illustrator, and Helen have been married 42 years and have worked together on 22 books, such as What Would Jesus Do?, The Lord is My Shepherd, The First Christmas Tree, and The Creation Story for Children. They live in Portland, Oregon, where they have their own publishing company, Seed Faith Books.

Binding: Paperback
Pages: 32
Publisher: Warner Press (2011)
Dimensions: 6 X 4.25 “
ISBN-13: 9781593174347
Authors: Haidle, Helen & David 


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