Forsaken Forgotten and Forgiven: A Devotional Study Jeremiah (HC)


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Author: Warren Henderson
Pages: 347
Binding: Hardcover
Publisher: Warren A. Henderson
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Many Christians have read the book of Jeremiah, but few have made it a topic of thorough study. Some contend that Jeremiah has Jewish historical significance only. Others merely skim the text because of its “doom and gloom” format or because it is the second longest book in the Bible.

“In regards to excuses for ignoring the text, I had many, but now have none. The burden of the Lord is upon me; my meditations are full and my conscience swollen. My deepest conviction is that the Church today should heed the spiritual principles disclosed in Jeremiah, especially the warnings against idolatry and ignoring revealed truth. If these are not heeded, the Church, like the Jews of Jeremiah’s day, will eventually forsake and forget the Lord! Paul foretold that this will be the spiritual condition of the professing Church just before the Antichrist is revealed (2 Thess. 2:3). Let us have no part in it! The days before us are evil; may God enable the true Church to hold fast to Christ and His Word. The greatest of tragedies would be for us not to learn from God’s stern dealings with the Jews and to willfully repeat their offenses.

Forsaken, Forgotten and Forgiven is the twelfth of fourteen books in the Old Testament Devotional Commentary Series.

Please note: the hardcover does not include Lamentations.