From Bethlehem to Bethany


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Author: Jack Strahan
Pages: 191
Binding: Hardcover
Publisher: Scripture Teaching Library
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A Perfect Path Below

For many years Jack Strahan has been a seasoned traveller to “Eretz Israel”. Since 1963 he has paid many visits to that land and has carefully explored its hills and valleys, its towns and villages. In these pages we walk in the company of one who knows the terrain in detail and who, with accurate and graphic descriptions of the various locations, illustrated by many of his own photographs, can transport the reader until he imagines himself standing at the very scenes being portrayed.

Moreover, here the reader is taken further still. Moving from Bethlehem to Bethany he is also treated to a rich feast of meditations on the Person and Work of the Lord Jesus reflecting years of in-depth study and intimate appreciation of the Saviour. A careful consideration of the contents of this volume will yield many rewards and will leave the reader enlightened in his mind, refreshed in his spirit and edified in his soul. He will have a greater understanding of the land which Scripture describes as the “glory of all lands” and, even more importantly, he will have a higher estimation of the One Whose steps marked out the only “perfect path below”.

Without added delay I would encourage the reader to open this delightful work and enjoy his journey escorted by a safe and trusty guide.

Jack Strahan, a native of Broughshane, Co. Antrim was, for many years, a well known surgeon in the Erne Hospital in Co. Fermanagh. A wide Christian readership is already well acquainted with him through his two books on “Hymns and their Writers”. For more than 50 years he has been a regular visitor to Israel and has a detailed knowledge of the land and its history, geography and archaeology.


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