From My Notebook: Galatians and Ephesians

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From My Notebook: Galatians and Ephesians
By: Angus Swanson

This epistle leads us to liberty, and we are exhorted to “stand fast in the liberty wherewith Christ has made us free.”  Faith is all sufficient requiring no addition.  Abraham, the father of the faithful, living long before the Law was given, is confirmed to have been justified faith alone.  The Gospel is revealed in all its completeness.  It requires no addition.  To seek to add legal obligations is to pervert and distort its simplicity, its purity and the very essence of the good news.

This Queen of epistles, which leads us to peace may well be the missing letter to Laodicea.  Its message centers in Christ in whom all things are seen to unite.  Depression in its various forms is serious wherever it arises.  For spiritual depression one can find relief within this letter.  Here is a triumphant spirit, even though it was penned by an apostle who for his faith was held confined to hardship in a Roman prison.

ISBN: n/a
Dimensions: 6.0 X 8.5″
Binding: Hardcover
Pages: 160
Publisher: Gospel Tract Publications (1991)
Author: Swanson, Angus


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