Fruitful Vine: A Celebration of Biblical Womanhood


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Author: Henderson, Warren
ISBN-13: 9781897117132
Pages: 172
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: Gospel Folio Press
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The Fruitful Vine contains six sections. The first, The Marital Union, supplies the biblical foundation for the remainder of the book: Why was marriage instituted, and what was God’s best plan for marriage? The chapter “To Marry or Not?” offers guidance and encouragement to unmarried women, both those called to “singleness” and those “maids in waiting.” The following three sections pertain to the natural roles a married woman will find the most joy in fulfilling – namely, being a companion to her husband, bearing and nurturing children, and keeping an ordered home. The fifth section, The Autumn Years, provides counsel to the “empty-nesters” and encouragement for widows. The final section provides a character sketch of a spiritually-minded woman and the types of ministry she may engage in. Through Scripture, God has revealed both what He finds beautiful in a woman and what He expects of her.

This book rounds out the foliage trilogy on biblical family life:
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The Fruitful Vine: A Celebration of Biblical Womanhood
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