Future Events and Coming Glories


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Author: W. Scott
Pages: 300
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: Bible Truth Publishers
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What Christian wouldn’t benefit from a better understanding of the Lord’s purposes for His earthly and heavenly people as well as for the world? You’ll find Walter Scott’s brief answers to 215 common questions about prophetic truth a helpful way to jump in and out of this vital subject. These aren’t designed to give a point by point coverage of prophecy. Instead they are loosely organized around The Lord’s Coming, the Tribulation, The Millennium and The Eternal State with the hope that you can quickly look up topics using the Scripture and subject indices. The test of the Scriptures referred to has been added at the end of every section to speed you on your way. You may find that Future Events and Coming Glories provides and excellent way to use your spare moments to give yourself a good outline of prophetic truth.


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