A Commentary on Genesis: The Book of Beginnings


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Author: Ross, Archie M.
ISBN-13: 9781897117323
Pages: 616
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: Gospel Folio Press
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It is perhaps true to say that no single book in the Bible has been held up to more ridicule than the Book of Genesis. The story of Adam and Eve springs immediately to mind whenever the Bible is mentioned. Is it Fact or Fiction? The rejection of “In the beginning God created” is not so much of the mind but of the will. It is not so much of “I can’t”, but rather “I won’t”. Genesis is the foundation of all Scripture. If there was no first Adam who died in sin, there could be no last Adam who died for sin.

This commentary is an epic compilation of teachings, taking you on a journey through the first recorded chapters of history. It is an outstanding composition of huge importance to those who wish to know the truth. When reading through it you’ll find yourself saying, “I didn’t think of it that way before.” Furthermore, it has been written by a great Bible scholar, Archie M. Ross. If ever there was a thought-provoking and life-changing book, this is it! If  you are looking for the facts, here they are. History is His story, not ours.

We are broken people who live in a broken world,
We need a NEW START
What a better place to begin than with the Book of Beginnings.
-Jon Emerton, student of Archie M. Ross