God and the Nations Today


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Author: Larry R. Price
Pages: 75
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Publisher: Gospel Folio Press
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Is God now intervening in the affairs of the nations in the same way as he did in the old Testament?

A questions that often arises among those who believe the Bible to be God’s Word is: Does God take a direct hand in visiting the world with judgments in this age in which we live? While the answer might at first seem obvious, upon further examination it is not so easy to answer.

Closely related to this is the question of natural catastrophes. Do they not only occur under God’s sovereignty, but are a direct response to human sin? Occurrences of certain natural catastrophes, such as floods, tsunamis, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, has stimulated my dormant, yet continued interest in this subject.

This is the question for which I seek a Biblical answer: Is God now intervening in the affairs of the nations in the same way as He did in the Old Testament? Is He dealing with national sins and, on a connected note, does He still bless national righteousness? These are questions that I will attempt to think through and answer in light of Biblical revelation.

Larry R. Price was saved in 1978. Two years later he launched into full time service for the Lord and was commended to the Lord’s work in 1982. he worked for several years in Christian radio in Florida, and served as director of Camp Horizon for three years; now he continues to travel and teach.


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