God’s Call to Special Service


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Author: Wilson, T. Ernest
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God’s Call To Special Service
by T.E. Wilson


God’s Call To Special Service shows that God chose His servants in the past and is still calling men and women to His work today.

There are ten examples in the Bible, seven in the Old Testament and three in the New Testament, of men who were called by God to do a specific work. Their calls are described in detail. Each one is different, but there are some features which are common to all. A study of these ten men will show that they were human like ourselves, with many weaknesses and failures, and yet God used them mightily in His service. The striking thing about each one is that they were individually called by God to do a specific work and were fitted for it and sustained in it. ~from the Introduction.


Abraham: The Principle of Faith
Moses: The Principle of Leadership
Gideon: The Principle of Guidance
Elisha: The Principle of Discipleship
Jeremiah:  The Principle of Brokenness
Isaiah The Principle of Holiness
Ezekiel The Principle of Glory
Simon Peter: Fisherman & Shepherd
Paul the Apostle: Pioneer & Church Planter
Timothy: Pastoral Ministry

T. Ernest Wilson’s imagination was fired from boyhood by reading about David Livingstone, Fred Arnot, and Mary Slessor. He wanted to follow in their footsteps, see the places they had pioneered. Born in Belfast, in a Christian home, at age 21 he left work in the world’s largest shipyard to venture into the heart of Africa with the gospel. This volume tells of the forty years spent in his beloved Angola. Forced to leave in 1961, he continued his Bible teaching ministry throughout the United States and around the world for the next thirty-five years before going home to be with the Lord in 1996.

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