God’s Restoring Grace


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Author: W. T. P. Wolston
Pages: 93
Binding: Kivar Paperback
Publisher: Bible Truth Publishers
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Our standing and hope is in grace but that same grace can also restore when we slip, slide and fall. Wherever we are in our souls at the moment God wants us to turn to Him for grace. The six simple chapters in God’s Restoring Grace provide real refreshment for any weary believer.

God’s Restoring Grace begins with helpful thoughts on a backsliding heart. Backsliding actions begin in a heart that has already turned away from an all-sufficient Christ and begun to look for the counterfeit satisfaction of the flesh. Recognize the “broken cisterns” before they become the object for your soul.

The chapter on Christ’s preventative ministry nicely complements the thoughts on His restorative ministry. The soul is left marvelling at Christ’s constant care.


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