Great Barrier Reef Adventures


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SKU: 9781845500689
Author: Jim Cromarty
Pages: 96
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: Christian Focus (2006)
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Back-packers and tourists flock to Australia, especially to the amazing Great Barrier Reef. The water is crystal clear and the fish and sea creatures are every colour of the rainbow. The coral beds are heaving with creatures of every shape and size. Watch as divers and other explorers discover God’s amazing creation. Join the travellers and Jim Cromarty as he shows us God’s amazing work in the beautiful land and waters off the Australian coast.

Watch out for dangerous sea creatures like sharks and poisonous jellyfish – some can be deadly, but God has made them all. There are a great variety of incredibly colourful creatures and some astonishingly ugly ones as well. Learn about your world and the God who made it.


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