Guide to the Psalms, A HC


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Author: Scroggie, W. G.
ISBN-13: 9780825437731


A Guide To The Psalms: A Comprehensive Analysis of the Psalms
By: W. Graham Scroggie

A comprehensive guide for your in-depth study of the Psalms! Scroggie gives you an exposition of each psalm and examines its poetic form, outline, and historical setting. But that’s only the beginning! He also supplies homiletical illustrations, meditations, five indexes, 12 appendices that clarify difficult textual questions, and more.

Originally published in four volumes, Dr. W. Graham Scroggie`s monumental study of the Psalms is now available in one volume, complete and unabridged. Scroggie provides an exposition of each psalm and examines its poetic form, outline and historical setting. Also included are homiletical illustrations and devotional thoughts for each of the psalms.

A Guide To The Psalms is thoroughly indexed by subject, first lines and the author’s own topical titles; the index also includes quotations and allusions to the Psalms in the New Testament and to the historical events mentioned in David’s psalms.

ISBN-13: 9780825437731
ISBN: 0825437733
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Binding: Hardcover
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Publisher: Kregel (1995)
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Author: Scroggie, W. G.