Head Covering, The


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SKU: 9781897117484
Author: Nicholson SR., J Boyd
ISBN-13: 1897117485
Pages: 40
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: Gospel Folio Press (Reprint 2014)
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Tradition or Truth? Practice of the past or an abiding principle? May we please ourselves or are we bound to obey the injunction of the Scripture?

How long is long?
When is the covering necessary?
What about long-haired men?
Does it really matter with God?

Avoiding human opinion, the author presents, by exposition of relevant Scriptures, some answers to current questions on this sensitive subject.

The True Women’s Lib
Three Symbols
The School of Angels
The Double Cover-Up
Long-Haired Men
For Today
Other Questions
But When?
Ire And Fire
Suffering Loss
Hair or Heart