Heavenly Physician Volume 1 Commentary Luke


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Author: Ghossain, Romel
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The Heavenly Physician: Volume 1
By: Romel Ghossain

A commentary on the first eight chapters of Luke’s gospel.

From the back:

Once she found the Lord, she went behind Him as she felt UNWORTHY to face Him but then she began to cry. As she cried, a flood of bitter tears copiously fell from her face, so much so that it became a washing basin for the Lord’s feet. But, where was the towel for wiping? No Egyptian cotton or Eastern silk was worthy enough to be used on the King of glory. Instead, she used something that was much more precious, her hair. And, unlike Middle Eastern traditions where greetings are done by kissing either cheek, she could not kiss His face because of her unworthiness, but only His feet. Even that was not enough, because she proceeded to pour COSTLY perfume on His feet. Indeed, in all that she did, no greater act of worship was ever performed by any sinner as recorded in the Gospels.

The problem for sinners is not so much their sin as it is their FAITH. Often, sinners mistakenly think that it is their sin that keeps them from being saved, when really it is their disbelief. When sinners place their faith in Christ, the problem of SIN and every other thing is resolved.

God seeks the down-trodden, comforts the afflicted and is a rebuker of Pharisaism. This is no more clearly articulated in that He came to seek and to save that which was lost. There is also special sensitivity extended to Gentiles, such as the Roman centurion who demonstrated a faith which was not seen in all Israel. Is is in this Gospel alone that the parable of the Good Samaritan is told and we hear Jesus praising the faith of Gentiles, such as the widow of Zarephath and Naaman the Syrian.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed reading this the first of three volumes of The Heavenly Physician, an exposition of the Gospel of Luke by Romel Ghossain. It is full of interesting background details and is suitable for those young in the faith who want a readable book and also for the student of scripture. Luke, the beloved physician, was in a very special position close to the Lord during His years of ministry here on earth and this book emphasizes his experiences of his Lord and Master. It will encourage many to a closer walk with Him.”  – Roy Hill

ISBN-13: 9781871642339
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 204
Publisher: Precious Seed (2012)
Author: Ghossain, Romel