His Coming


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A Guide to Future Events

What does the Bible say about the future?

God has a lot to say about the future. Many prophecies have already been fulfilled with pinpoint accuracy and some are still to be fulfilled. These prophetic Scriptures are essential for everyday Christian living.

This book is a great way to introduce the subject of prophecy for new Christians, but also for those more mature in the faith. Looking at the fundamentals of Biblical interpretation, several questions will be answered; is there a future for Israel, will the church experience the Tribulation and will there be a thousand year reign of Christ?

The purpose in answering these questions is an increased confidence in the Bible, which will help motivate Christians in a world in turmoil. A solid understanding of future events will enlarge our vision of God, with gratitude for His plan of redemption.

The authors are from a variety of backgrounds and are active in Bible teaching. They share a conviction that an accurate understanding of future events is vital for all Christians.

How literally should I interpret the Bible? by Malcolm C. Davis
What are Dispensations? by Michael Wilkie
What is Covenant Theology? by Iain Lewis
The Future of the Nation of Israel by Iain Jamieson
Daniel’s Seventy Weeks Prophecy by Ian Jackson
The Rapture in the Thessalonian Letters by Paul McCauley
The Tribulation by Alan J. Gamble
The Millennium by Paul Coxall
Is Amillennialism Biblical? Mark Sweetnam



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