How To Know God Exists: Scientific Proof of God


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SKU: 9780882704326
Author: Comfort, Ray
ISBN-13: 9780882704326
Pages: 192
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: Bridge-Logos (2008)



With a recent wave of books on atheism becoming New York Times best-sellers, the God debate is heating up. Because of the implications, it’s the most significant question of all time: Does God exist, or does He not? In this compelling book, Ray Comfort argues the case with simple logic and common sense. If there is a God, surely He has made His presence known so that anyone – young or old, scholar or schoolchild – can find Him.

By applying basic logic to three clear evidences for the existence of God, Comfort will help you to:
Examine the case for evolution and see what top scientists are really saying about the theory
Explore the facts that led the world’s most notorious atheist to acknowledge a Creator
Investigate the evidence to discover who God is
Through 100% scientific proof, you can know God exists.


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