How to Teach the Tabernacle


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Author: Dr David Gooding
Pages: 40
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: Everyday Publication Inc.
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The Tabernacle is a vital part of God’s picture book in the Old Testament. It was built exactly according to the Lord’s instructions to Moses and it was designed to teach spiritual lessons to the people of God.

The Tabernacle can still teach spiritual lessons to us today. In this booklet, Dr. David Gooding, a teacher of many years’ standing, shows how these lessons can be appropriatley taught to children.

This title includes forty pages of text and four pages of images.


David W. Gooding, MA, PhD, Professor Emeritus of Old Testament Greek at Queen’s University Belfast, is a member of the Royal Irish Academy. Professor Gooding has travelled widely giving lectures and, besides academic and apologetic works, is the author of expository books of Luke, John 13-17, Acts and Hebrews.