Hymnbook Believers Hymn Book with Music SPIRAL


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SKU: 9781926765464
Author: compiled
ISBN-13: 9781926765464
Pages: 600 Approx.
Binding: Navy Deluxe Spiral-Ring Piano Edition
Publisher: Gospel Folio Press (2011)
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Navy Deluxe Spiral-Ring Piano Edition

The Believers Hymnbook has for many years been widely used among assemblies of the Lord’s people, in collective and individual worship and praise. Our hearts have responded with these hymns and they will continue to bless the gatherings of saints all over the world.

This edition of the Believer’s Hymnbook has the popular tune for the hymn followed by alternate tunes that are used by many where available.

Features Include:
Sturdy Durable Cover
Lay Flat Deluxe Spiral
Navy Blue

Note: Hymn index list accompanies this hymn book as a separate booklet. Included with order.