Hymnbook: Hymns of Light & Love (music edition)


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Hymns of Light and Love with Music

“God is Light. God is Love.”

Hymns of Light and Love was first published in 1900 and quickly found favour in many parts of the world. Despite the proliferation of new hymn books in recent years it  has been continuing demand and many editions have been produced.

Hitherto a complete tune book has never been issued. Users have had to rely on a locally made selection of tunes and on a variety of tune books issued from time to time helped by a tune book to Part II only, issued jointly by Pickering and Inglis Limited and Echoes of Service.

It is in response to many requests that this first words-and-music edition has been produced.

The Compilers hope that the size adopted will be sufficiently small for general congregational use. The arrangement of hymns  necessarily follows that in the words-only edition, being in two Parts. The first Part contains hymns predominantly suitable for Worship and the second Part mainly those suitable for Gospel outreach.

The index of first lines is preceded by alphabetical and metrical indexes of tunes. Most hymns have a selected tune with a named alternative. Some additional tunes appear at the end.

ISBN 13: 9780946214051
ISBN: 0946214050
Size: 5.5×8.75″
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Pages: 215
Publisher: Christian Year Publications (2004)
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