Hymnbook: Praise! (Music Edition)


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Praise! Hymn Book: Music Edition

The music edition of Praise! has been prepared by a team of highly qualified musicians who are regularly involved in the music of their local churches.

Much care has been given to provide settings with appropriate keys and accompaniments. You will discover well-established and traditional tunes, sometimes presented in new arrangements. Also, published here for the first time are some recent settings and many new tunes in varied styles. Cross-references will almost always direct you to a tune with which you are familiar.

-The first verse of each item is set between the staves.
-Full guitar chords, compatible with the keyboard part, are given throughout.
-A comprehensive guitar chord chart is included in the book.
-A full range of indexes is included that will make it a valuable resource for all music and worship leaders.

ISBN-13: 9780953280926
Binding: Hardcover
Pages: 976
Publisher: Evangelical Press (2000)


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