Hymns and their Writers


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Author: Strahan, Jack
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Hymns and Their Writers
By: Jack Strahan

“Jack Strahan is well-known in Co. Fermanagh for his work as a Surgeon in the Erne Hospital, Enniskillen. In a much wider Christian sphere he is equally well-known for his ministry in things spiritual. He has now further endeared himself to many believers who have never met him, but who feel deeply indebted to him for his labours in the collecting and collating of the interesting material here presented in these fifty stories of Hymns and their Writers.

“For some fourteen or fifteen years it has been my great privilege to be Jack’s companion and colleague in numerous visits to Israel. It was here, on the Galilean Lake-shore, with its precious memories of the Saviour, that his own lovely hymn “Galilee” was composed.

“I can vouch also for his many travels in connection with this book. It has not been enough for Jack to know that a hymnist has been born, or had been buried, in London or Dublin or Bixham or Bournemouth. He has, where possible, visited the birth-place, and viewed the burial place, and captured something of the atmosphere of it all. He has travelled many miles, talked to many people, researched many sources, and laboured many hours, in the preparation of this volume. May the Lord richly bless his labours.” ~Jim Flanigan

Strahan has since written a companion volume called More Hymns and Their Writers which is also available at Gospel Folio Press.

ISBN-13: 9780948417559
ISBN: 0948417552
Size: 5.5 x 8.5″
Binding: Hardcover
Pages: 268
Publisher: Gospel Tract (2004)
Weight: 1.25 lbs
Author: Strahan, Jack


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