If It Wasn’t For The Lighthouse

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Author: Ridgeway, Bill & Irene
ISBN-13: 9781927521564
Pages: 128
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: Gospel Folio Press (2014)
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From the Foreward, from Bill and Irene’s daughter:

My childhood years were filled with stories. How could I begin to tell the stories that make up my childhood? How do I recount the times all four of us kids waited by the window, straining to hear the truck, signaling our Dad’s return home from another adventure with more stories than we could count.

We would help Dad unload the truck, laden with stalks of bananas and all other kinds of fruits, parrots, monkeys and sometimes people he had picked up along the way, needing a place to stay. Then we would gather around him on the couch to hear one of his breath-taking stories. He sometimes told of near-death experiences on the dangerous mountain passes, or of how God opened doors to preach the gospel, but always, of how God had touched souls for eternity.

Dad knows just about every inch of Ecuador, and not from a map. He has traveled almost every road or path from the coast to the mountains and down to the jungle. He knows people in every province and without hesitating, can identify Ecuadorians by their dialect and last name.

God gave Dad one of the richest gifts he could have known. The ability to experience all Ecuador had to offer. He breathed it, tasted it and lived it. He devoted his life to taking the message of the cross to as many people in Ecuador as he could.

So, when Dad finally began putting pen to paper and writing some of his countless stories, I was thrilled. I’m going to relive these stories and savour them, and remember back to my childhood, when I heard them for the first time.

Includes a 16-page full colour insert.

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