Illustrated Bible Handbook


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Author: Richards, Lawrence O.
ISBN-13: 9780785250463


Illustrated Bible Handbook (Nelson’s Super Value Series)
By: Lawrence O. Richards

The Illustrated Bible Handbook offers unparalleled value for students, pastors, and those who want to study or teach the Bible. It’s a complete, practical, one-volume Bible companion.

Including scores of maps, charts, photos, and illustrations, this is a visual guide to interpreting Scripture. Brief essays on historical and doctrinal matters, and concise summaries of every book in the Bible and practical insights from in the Bible give you a complete guide to the entire text.

The Illustrated Bible Handbook is a contemporary primer of biblical theology, history, and archaeology.

ISBN-13: 9780785250463
ISBN: 0785250468
Book Size: 6.5 x 9.5″
Binding: Hardcover
Category: Reference
Page Count: 864
Publisher: Thomas Nelson (2003)
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Author: Richards, Lawrence O.