In The School Of Christ


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Author: Gooding, David
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In the School of Christ: Lessons on Holiness in John 13-17
By: David Gooding

Just before his execution, Jesus Christ invited his disciples to join him at a borrowed house in Jerusalem to celebrate the Passover. As he faced betrayal, arrest and crucifixion, he taught them about the very heart of the Christian faith, namely, holiness.

When the time came to leave the house, he continued his teaching. As they made their way through darkened streets that were filled with hostility to him, he spoke of how he would empower them to be his witnesses in a world that would often hate them too. Jesus was the teacher; the disciples were his pupils. It was the school of Christ.

David Gooding’s exposition reveals the significance of the lessons Jesus taught inside the upper room (chs. 13-14), their connection to the lessons taught outside in the streets (chs. 15-16) and how both parts of this course on holiness relate to the Teacher’s prayer to his Father (ch. 17). With a scholar’s care for the text of Scripture, he expounds both the devotional richness and the practical nature of the lessons. He shows that to understand Christ’s teaching on holiness is to know his power to change lives.


David W. Gooding is Professor Emeritus of Old Testament Greek at Queen’s University, Belfast and a member of the Royal Irish Academy. His international teaching ministry is marked by fresh and careful expositions of both testaments. He has published scholarly studies on the Septuagint and Old Testament narratives, as well as expositions of Luke, Acts, Hebrews and the New Testament’s use of the Old Testament.


ISBN-13: 9781874584414
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 294
Size: 6″ x 9″
Publisher: Myrtlefield House (2014)
Author: Gooding, David