Incidents of Gospel Work


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Author: Charles Stanley
Pages: 115
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: Bible Truth Publishers
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An interesting account of Charles Stanley’s gospel labours and experiences written personally by himself, makes for fascinating reading. Although written about his experiences in another era, Charles Stanley tells of how he was led by the Holy Spirit of God in reaching out to lost souls. he also tells of the principles of the Word of God as he was taught of God and enabled to accomplish in his life what God had for him to do. Miracles, there were , as he perceived them to be, yet maybe to a bystander without faith, it might seem like only a series of coincidences. however to Charles Stanley, he soon learned to recognize God’s leading and experience God’s faithfulness and loving-kindness in a life spent for Him and for others. No doubt there is much to learn from Charles Stanley’s life and experiences in the gospel.


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