Individual 2019 Believers Bible Conference CD’s




Individual Believers Bible Conference CD’s

Wish you could have been at the conference but couldn’t?
Or want to listen to a seminar or general session again?
Choose from 6 general sessions and 19 seminars that deal with the practical issues of our day.


The Complete Set of General Sessions and Seminars:

General Session #1 with Paul Young
General Session #2 with Mike Attwood
General Session #3 with Paul Young
General Session #4 with Paul Young
General Session #5 with Brady Collier
General Session #6 with Mike Attwood


Relating to the Experience of Today’s Teen with Tim Anderson
Loving God Through Holiness with Mike Attwood
Theology of Work: Working as a Christian with Brady Collier
Balancing Life’s Responsibilities with Brady & Becky Collier
Women of Holiness (Women only) with Lynn DeGroff
Prayer: First Steps in Holiness with Scott DeGroff
CMML: Walking with God in Missions with Craig Fritchey
Retirement: What’s Your Plan? with Jeff Johnson
Worship: Is it a Way of Life? with Gary McBride
Holy Temple: Habit or Hobby with Steve Price
Mental Health and the Mind of Christ with Steve Price
Guiding Your Adult Child with Steve Price
The Armor of God: Practical Application with Jon Reimer
The Gospel’s Power to Revolutionize Life with Lee Sandifer
Hope: When Your World Collapses (Women only) with Sue Stratman
How does “In Christ” Change our Lives? with Rex Trogdon
We Walk by Faith with Rex Trogdon
Discipleship in the New Testament Church with Micah Tuttle
Bitterness: Its Cause and Cure with Paul Young


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