Infidelity and Loyalty: A Devotional Study of Ezekiel and Daniel


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Author: Warren Henderson
Pages: 495
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: Warren A. Henderson
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The book of Ezekiel conveys God’s jealous anger over Israel’s idolatry, His righteous judgments to purify her of spiritual harlotry, and His future intentions of restoring the Jewish nation to Himself and fulfilling all His covenants to her. Ezekiel contrasts God’s loyalty with Israel’s infidelity as an adulterous wife. God has not abandoned His covenant people of old; He has an agenda for restoring them to a position of honor and blessing. Ezekiel’s prophecies pertaining to the Kingdom Age: the splendor of Jerusalem with its glorious temple, the esteem of the Jewish people, phenomenal worldwide blessings, and the universal exaltation of Christ by the nations. The book of Daniel highlights the personal dedication of a Jewish man named Daniel and his righteous example to other Jewish captives exiled in Babylon. About half of Daniel’s book is prophetic in nature; this shows that God alone governs the rise and fall of kingdoms. Like Ezekiel, Daniel acknowledges that the Lord knows how to best chasten and restore His covenant people in order to accomplish all His promises to them.

Infidelity and Loyalty is the thirteenth of fourteen books in the Old Testament Devotional Commentary Series.

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