Jesus In Lukes Gospel Book 2


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Author: Shenton, Tim
ISBN-13: 9781846250484
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Daily Readings from…Jesus In Luke’s Gospel: Book 2
By: Tim Shenton

Who is Jesus? What did he do? Why did he come? Is it worth following him?

As he answers these questions and many more, Tim Shenton shows us that there is no one like Jesus. In another thirty readings, he works through chapters 6 to 11 of the Gospel of Luke, drawing out the main points and applying them relevantly to our modern, fast-paced life. He also suggests things to think about, questions to consider, action points and has a memory verse for each section.

Additional notes
– A fun and interactive way of learning about the practical Christian life
– Suggested memory verses to learn
– Time to think, and time to pray pointers

Readership suitability
– General children’s market
– Sunday School Teachers
– Holiday Bible Clubs

Tim Shenton is the Head Teacher of St Martin’s School and an elder at Lansdowne Baptist Church, Bournemouth, England. He is married with two daughters. He is author of several other books and two other booklets for younger readers – ‘Readings from James’ and ‘The life of Abraham’, both published by Day One.

ISBN-13: 9781846250484
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 64
Size: 8.0 x 11.6″
Publisher: Day One Publishers (2006)
Author: Shenton, Tim


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