God’s Ways in Training His Own for His Service & Testimony

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Author: J. A. Von Poseck
Pages: 82
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: BBC - Believer's Bookshelf Canada
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There are not a lot of good commentaries available on the Prophet Jonah and there are even fewer which look at Jonah from a practical perspective. This little commentary—although written many years ago—provides us a fresh perspective on this portion of Scripture. Its focus is to look at Jonah personally, as the servant of the Lord, and the practical lessons which can be learned and applied for all who endeavor to serve Christ. The author J. Von Poseck writes:

Jehovah “hurled the storm on the sea,” He “prepared the great fish”; He “prepared the gourd.” It was He again that “prepared the worm,” and He “prepared the sultry east wind.” How different these agents and links in the chain of Divine Providence! Yet they must all work together for Jonah’s good.

God was working in forming His servant. The book is divided in two sections: (1) What Jonah Learnt in the Fish’s Belly (2) What Jonah Learnt Under the Gourd.

There is much rich practical spiritual instruction brought before the Christian reader in this volume: may we enjoy, learn and practice its lessons!


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